Juicy Polisario sector dried up by covid

Javier Serra, president of the Spanish Coordination of Solidarity Association with Western Sahara (CEAS-Sahara), said on Tuesday that the Covid-19 pandemic has weakened or even wiped out aid for those confined in the Tindouf camps, Due to which the situation has worsened. about their living conditions.

CEAS-Sahara, according to SERA, tried to provide aid, mainly food, to these people through friendly associations and organizations in different regions of Europe, but in vain due to the spread of COVID-19. In addition, various authorities have also attempted to provide vaccines to Tindouf’s detainees, which were unsuccessful. This food shortage, according to Sera, was “fortunately covered by the contribution of the Algerian government which gave us relief and allowed us to breathe”.

In addition, Javier Serra revealed that CEAS-Sahara called on the Spanish authorities to “provide vaccine-related assistance, an initiative that did not succeed and which required us to ensure adequate assistance, except for a modest amount of approximately 80,000 euros”. Support part of humanitarian assistance for the realization of projects aimed at alleviating the suffering of the Saharawi people by assisting the hospitals in the said camps with medicines and sanitary equipment”.

In fact, Polisario, taking advantage of the suffering of the population confiscated in the Tindouf camps for humanitarian aid, does not hesitate to withdraw humanitarian aid from the European Union with the connivance of the Algerian authorities.

That said, the supposed lack of humanitarian aid, which should have had an ill effect on Tindouf’s detainees, would apparently only be detrimental to the fringe interests of Polisario and his support leg, Algeria. The latter, investing in a foreign matter, is to explain to its citizens, who, by the nature of things themselves, see the priority of the above assistance.

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