Judge approves restricting orders against Minneapolis police

Former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane.
Former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane. Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office

A lawyer representing one of the former police officers accused of George Floyd’s death claimed that Floyd resisted arrest and suggested that his client overthrow Floyd while he was an officer. Derek Chauvin She was kneeling at her neck.

Earl Gray, ex-officer’s lawyer Thomas laneexplained body camera footage from the scene that was not made public.

Gray, if the public sees full body camera footage from Lane, “I believe they will have a different view.”

“It wasn’t a violent resistance, but it wasn’t the sort of resistance that the individual had to do when a police officer arrested him,” said Gray.

Lane was 37 years old, for four days According to his lawyer, when he helped keep Floyd.

“My client holds his legs, Mr. Floyd says he can’t breathe and “My client says we have to overthrow 20 years of experience with Chauvin,” says Gray.
“Lane asked, we should take him with him, and officer Chauvin said no,” said Gray. “Now I have a 20-year officer here and a four-day officer in my client.”
“Then later my client said again, do you want to rotate him next to him? This was not rolled right next to him and again before the ambulance arrived.”

Gray said that Lane “doesn’t want to see the man die” and started CPR at Floyd.

“My client is holding his feet. When the ambulance arrives, my client enters the ambulance. He is in power for four days … and he pushes his chest down for a long time to start his own CPR, until I turn on the machine,” he said.

Officers Chauvin, Lane, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao were answering a call for a $ 20 fake bill when they were detained on May 25 Floyd.

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Chauvin, whose knee stepped on Floyd’s neck for about nine minutes – loaded Last Wednesday, with a new, more serious second degree murder.

Kueng, Thao and Lane loaded second degree murder aid and asylum, second degree murder aid and assistance.

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