Johnson considers strict restrictions to prevent the spread of Kovid-19

In an interview with the BBC, the British Prime Minister said that not all schools in the country were closed.

The British Prime Minister warned on Sunday that more severe sanctions could be decided in England to counter the rapid progress of the Kovid-19, which has been attributed to a new version of the virus.

“We may have to do things in the coming weeks that will be more difficult in many parts of the country,” Boris Johnson told the BBC.

The closure of schools, he said, a measure taken in late March during the first wave of the epidemic, “is one of those things.” Although conservative leaders have declared children’s education a “priority”, they emphasized that it is necessary to recognize the “new types of effects of the virus”.

75% reorganized population

Each of the four constituent nations of the United Kingdom decides on its own strategy to combat the virus. Three quarters of the population has so far been reorganized and the start of the school year has been postponed for some students, particularly in London and the south-east of England, particularly affected by an increase in cases.

In areas where schools are open, Boris Johnson encouraged parents to send their children there, saying they were “safe” there. “The risk to children and young people is very low,” he said.

One million people have already been vaccinated

From Monday, the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and the AstraZeneca Group will be administered in the United Kingdom. A total of 530,000 doses are available as of Monday, and by the end of March tens of millions of doses should be available, with the United Kingdom ordering a total of 100 million doses. More than a million people in the UK have already received a dose of the vaccine from Pfizer / BioNtech, a US-German alliance deployed since 8 December.

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Britain is one of the countries most bereaved by the virus, with 74,570 dead. In the 24-hour space, an additional 57,725 people tested positive for the virus, according to the latest official data released on Saturday.

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