Joe Biden wins enough delegates to secure Democratic candidacy

Biden has been a prospective Democratic candidate since April, when Bernont Sanders left Vermont Sen. Election victory in Guam on Saturday it allowed the party to pass the 1999 delegates required to request nomination in the first vote of its congress in August. According to CNN’s census, Biden currently has 1,992 delegates.

“Just over three months ago, I stood on the stage in South Carolina and told the American people that it was a campaign for everyone to fall down, count down and fall behind. These words are getting even greater echo today, a lot of Americans suffer and a lot of harm “When he sees it,” said Biden. “Many of them were destroyed by the public health and economic crisis that we broke up with. Many have been counted and left behind by a society that has seen themselves less than what has been equal for a long time.”

“It was an honor to compete with one of the most talented candidate groups that the Democratic party has put on the field to date – and I am proud to say that we will hold a united party for this general election. We struggle to win the votes of Americans all over this great country today and November 3, so together, we can win the war for the soul of this nation and make sure everyone comes together as we rebuild our economy. “

The moment comes after the coronavirus pandemic delays most of the primers planned to take place in April and May, and stops campaigning face to face.

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The seven states – Indiana, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and South Dakota – and Washington, DC held presidential elections last Tuesday, and Biden drew a major delegate. Georgia and West Virginia are expected to win more next Tuesday when they hold primary competitions.

CNN Polls in the general election match between President Donald Trump and Biden support 51% of voters across the country, while 41% support Trump. While CNN Surveys provided an average of 48% support for Biden, this represents a change in favor of Biden since April, when Triden received an average of 43% support.
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Biden’s nomination came after more than a week in the U.S. with racism and police brutality protests that rocked the country after the death of a black man detained by police in Minnesota. During his first trip outside Delaware in months, Biden delivered a speech on Tuesday that condemned Trump in Philadelphia and addressed nationwide protests.

“I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.” George Floyd’s last words, but they didn’t die with him. They are still heard. They echo across this nation.

“They only speak to a nation where the color of your skin is endangering your life. More than 100,000 people have died in a virus and 40 million Americans are applying for unemployment – these deaths and job losses are concentrated in a disproportionate number of black and minority communities,” he said. “And every day, they talk to a nation that millions of people – not at the moment of losing their lives – while they’re living, they call themselves” I can’t breathe. “”

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