Joe Biden begins building a presidential transit team

Joe Biden begins building a presidential transit team

Confirming his dismissal from senior Biden campaigner, Democratic candidate Joe Biden directed one of his closest confidants, former Sen Ted Ted Kaufman, to the presidential transition team.

The official confirmed that Kaufman will oversee Biden’s early efforts to build the infrastructure of a migration team. A source familiar with the transition plans said that the team is expected to make a more comprehensive presentation this fall, as well as routine for general election contestants on duty.

Biden chose Kaufman to move to vice president after the 2008 election victory of vice president and former President Obama, but the two have a history far beyond vice president.

Kaufman first met Biden voluntarily for the Senate campaign in 1972. The two became friends, and then became confidants, Kaufman became Biden’s chief of staff for almost twenty years in the Senate.

When Biden was promoted to vice president, it was Kaufman who filled his seat for the rest of his tenure.

He did not run for the seat after that period. Sen in the 2010 special elections. Filling continued by Chris Coons (D-Del.).

Raccoons, According to AxiosIs working for a larger cabin position if Biden defeats Trump in the general elections in November.

Yohannes Abraham and Avril Haines join Kaufman’s team. Ibrahim, who will manage daily operations, has been a senior employee of the Obama administration for a long time. Haines, who will lead the national security and foreign policy team, served as deputy national security adviser and CIA deputy director, chaired by President Obama.

Gautam Raghavan, Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) Chief of General Staff; Angela Ramirez, former director of the Congress Hispanic Caucasus; During the Obama-Biden administration, Biden’s consultant Evan Ryan for a long time; Julie Siegel, senior legal advisor to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Will also join the transition team.

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