Jeremy Corbyn Humilization: Former Labor Leader Criticizes COID Regulations at Memorial Carnival UK | News

The former labor leader was recently photographed attending a dinner party with nine guests after he was forced to apologize after six people broke the coronavirus rule. He is pictured in a memorial in honor of Wall Street founder David Graber, which was attended by about 100 people.

COVID-19 Crisis fighting rules say more than 30 people should not attend memorials and funerals.

Mr Corbyn, however, was portrayed at the “Anarchists’ Carnival” in Notting Hill, west London, which featured live music and did not cover his face when talking to Nick Nubrovsky, the organizer and widow of Mr Greber at some organizations.

A spokesman for the carnival said: “Organizers assessed COVID-related risks, were stewards for their application and contacted authorities.”

A spokesman for the Westway Trust, a local charity in charge of Portobello Green, said it had allowed the memorial carnival to move forward.

A source in the trust told the Daily Mail event that the rules for fighting the coronavirus crisis would be followed.

The Islington North MP was shown at a party at a home with a total of 9 guests, including his wife, Laura Alvarez, 51, as a clear violation of the current “six rules” guideline.

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Mr. Corbyn attended a dinner party to commemorate the American anthropologist Mr. Greber, who died last month at the age of 59.

Among those who attended the dinner party was his widow, MS Druvsky.

The 711-year-old Carnavirus has been given a final fine after publicly reprimanding the “six-man rule” after the Metropolitan Police confirmed they would not pay him any fines.

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