Italy: Two Moroccan startups participate in Young Entrepreneurs’ G20

CDG Invest, an investment and support program for startups initiated by 212 founders, supported two Moroccan startups, Fratarium and Goa Commerce, during the first ever participation of Young Entrepreneurs at the G20 held between Milan and Rome, Italy. From 04 October to 08.

“We are delighted to be represented by Fratarium and GoeCommerce, two Moroccan startups from the 212 Founders Program. It is important to build relationships with the international ecosystem to support these startups in their growth”, underlines Yusuf Mamou, director of the 212 Founders Program in a press release.

The G20 of Young Entrepreneurs aims to promote the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem internationally, and each delegation prepares concrete recommendations for this which are then presented to their respective governments.

For Mehdi Cherif Alami, founder and CEO of startup Fratarium, a logistics flow management platform that is joining the prestigious Y Combinator in California, “This summit will allow us to accelerate our international ambitions while building long-term relationships with our counterparts in North Africa. and the rest of the world. The Moroccan entrepreneurial ecosystem has changed in recent years, and we have much to gain from promoting it on the international scene.

This year’s summit was organized around the theme “Global Renaissance”, and explored the role of entrepreneurship for inclusive and sustainable post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

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