Italy to house refugees in former mafia properties, H24info

The interior minister said on Monday that Italian authorities were listing properties confiscated from the mafia in the home of Ukrainian refugees.

Luciana Lamorges said in a statement that the agency that manages the assets confiscated from the mafia has begun to study properties that could be used “in the short term, even temporarily, for refugees from Ukraine.” to be adjusted”.

According to the Interior Ministry, some 17,286 Ukrainians, mostly women and children, have arrived in Italy since the Russian military launched its offensive in Ukraine on February 24.

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Although most of these refugees have taken refuge with relatives and friends, private and public initiatives have been reported to organize housing for many others in the country.

“This is the beginning. Hundreds of thousands of refugees are coming and we have to live for it,” Enrico Letta, leader of the Democratic (Left) Party, said on Monday.

“We must also be prepared to welcome Russians fleeing Russia, a country that is rapidly turning into a prison,” he said.

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