“It would be wise to wear the mask for a while longer”

It is not a question of playing the bird of bad luck, but of looking at the curves of the epidemic and, more simply, looking around. Friends, co-workers, friends, brothers, sisters, kids… Sick leave and positive tests have been on the rise for the past few days. PIF sometimes says more than great speeches.

Rodolphe Thibaut, professor of public health at the University of Bordeaux.
Rodolphe Thibaut, professor of public health at the University of Bordeaux.

University of Bordeaux

“Indeed, after experiencing a decline in new cases for several weeks, continues Rodolphe Thibaut, who justified the decision to lift the barrier gestures, the rebound was confirmed and the lifting of masks is not in vain. Covid in itself less of a problem, as this multivalent sub-variant of Omicron BA2, while 30% more contagious than its predecessor, is also less severe in terms of symptoms. This is without relying on the fact of our disparate immune systems . We see young people land in the hospital or on the flank and on sick leave for a week…”

Bearing in intensive care soon?

The Bordeaux hospital, which has just dropped its white scheme, is very attentive to the situation. This pandemic has more than one trick up its sleeve and it is better to be prepared to be one step ahead. “Absolutely,” agrees the public health professor. Nothing is achieved. In the immediate future, intensive care units are not affected, but we do know that an increase in incidence and positivity rates results in an increase in activity in sheaves, with a lag of one week. The problem is to contain the outbreak of this fever, as the hospital is under stress at the moment. Staff shortage will lead to serious problems of operation, care…”

Pierre Beguerie, pharmacist at Bidart in the Pyrenees-Atlantique, is also the chairman of the Central Council of the Order of Pharmacists at the national level. Pharmacist warning of outbreak of epidemic. “We have probably let go a little bit, maybe even a little too soon, and we are seeing an increase in requests for tests and especially tests coming back positive. At the same time as covid, a very viral flu pandemic, the symptoms are almost identical, apart from, cough and headache, to covid. ,

How to incorporate push?

In the near future, scientists are not content to report an announced rebound, they are already considering a sequel. “We rely on forecasts, or the model of the Institut Pasteur, comments Professor Thibaut. For now, everything fits. A rebound was expected at least until mid-April. Widespread vaccination coverage and associated with Omicron infections Immunity offers interesting health protection, but we’ll have to wait for good weather to get down the curve again… What’s at stake today is helping a public hospital take hold. »

Ventilation is a source of safety including work.

“It would be wise to continue wearing the mask for a while longer, he advises. The only valid option to control the dynamics of the pandemic. In my team, everyone kept at it. But there is no going back and I think from now on this decision is about personal responsibility, for oneself, for others. The most favorable places for transmission are shared meals in confined environments. Lunch outside, opening windows together during meals is a real guarantee of non-transmission. Ventilation is a source of safety including work. ,

“It would be wise to continue wearing the mask for a while. The only valid option to contain the dynamics of the pandemic”

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