It was voted on in Italy, Spain and the UK.

Marcelino Nunes, Galaxy Catholic University and the iconic figure of La Rose, It is in the class of European football and is voted by teams from Italy, Spain and England in the three most important leagues in the world.

reported by Corriere dello Sport in Italy, compares Marcelino to former Udini and Rome star David Pizarro, e There is a “front line” to join Bologna, Gary Medal Playing Club.

“Marcelino Nunes” costs December 2020 and is now $300,000 Catholic University is asking about 4 million to start talks“Italian media reports this.

In addition, they emphasize Monchi, Sevilla Sports Director He also recalled being responsible for bringing the medals to Spain.It has UC “tractor” in its file.

Finally, he is represented by Fernando Felicevich, who is the same agent as Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sánchez, as he also pointed out.n generates interest, not to mention the various teams in the Premier League.

Nez is currently focusing on Mart n Lasarte’s Chilean team which is touring the United States. They started with a 2-2 draw against Mexico and are expected to add minutes again in the last game of the year against El Salvador at midnight tonight.

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