It can contain all the particles of Kovid-19, such small amounts cause great harm.

You have to be cautious, as there are certain rumors that keep circulating about the famous soda cans. With the proliferation of rats in warehouses, measures have been taken, especially for the safety of cans. With these, you drink directly from the upper hole and some rodents want to urinate on these areas, which will be problematic for your health. This is clearly why the bins are now protected by plastic. At the beginning of the week, however, we learn that coronovirus particles can be contained in such small amounts.

What is this discovery with a can of soda?

Read them well in the news, as they can be confusing. In fact, soda cans are mentioned every time and you will no doubt know that canovirus is present on the packaging of the can, but the reality is very different. Clearly, these containers are all of equal concern, as they pass from warehouses to others in situations that sometimes become solitary. Therefore, it is advisable to empty the contents into a glass and not drink directly from the hole unless you are certainly disinfecting the container.

  • Regarding this news, we should pay attention to the studies done by Bath University in the United Kingdom.
  • An astonishing estimate has been made, because around three million people can be infected with Kovid-19 every day worldwide.
  • Then we should focus on viral load to understand the interest of this experiment.
  • By making some calculations, researchers whose findings were shared by the What Doctors website show that there are 200 million billion virus particles.
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This figure is difficult to understand, however, and yet it is actually very important because it matches all the grains of sand that you can find on Earth as the newspaper states. The Kovid-19 particles measure less than 120 nanometers in diameter, so they are smaller than these grains of sand.

The researcher was able to perform several calculations to come in a volume of 160 ml, then it would represent Kovid-19 particles worldwide.

Half a can of soda

It is always better to be comparable, this allows a better understanding of the data being shared in the press. The British scientist revealed that the volume of 160 ml would then represent coronovirus and especially all its particles worldwide. To give you a picture, this is slightly less than the total amount of soda can. Hence it seems small in view of volume and yet the loss is considerable worldwide.

While the volume is relatively small, it is hard to imagine that such small things can have dramatic results across the world whether in France, the United States, or even Brazil. We should not forget that many countries are affected by coronovirus and the means are not always the same for fighting. If you want to know a little more about this discovery, a video was posted exclusively on YouTube, the images are sometimes easier to understand than words.

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In a few weeks, it will be almost a year as Kovid-19 disrupts our lives and the French as well as the inhabitants of the Earth hope that this situation will end soon.

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