Israel to give million doses of vaccines to African countries

“I am glad that Israel can be a partner in eradicating the pandemic” (Yar Lapid)

The State of Israel will donate one million AstraZeneca vaccines to several African countries in the coming weeks through the global COVAX facility.

In recent months, the State of Israel has strengthened its ties with several countries on the African continent, notably gaining observer status within the Organization of the African Union.

The vaccines, which will be distributed to about a quarter of the continent’s countries, will help strengthen ties between Israel and these countries.

COVAX is a Geneva-focused global vaccine delivery mechanism that works for an integrated supply and equitable distribution of coronavirus vaccines.

The mechanism is the product of extraordinary global collaboration, and is often the only way for many developing countries to obtain vaccines.

“The State of Israel is joining an international effort to immunize populations that do not have vaccines. I am delighted that Israel can contribute to this effort, and be a partner in the eradication of the pandemic in the world. Aiding those areas where vaccination rates are low,” Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said in a statement.

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