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Since August 2015, fans of “Hannibal” have been waiting for the continuation of the cannibal story. Although the psychological thriller series was canceled due to moderate ratings, there is new hope now.

In April 2013, the series “Hannibal” debuted on US broadcaster NBC with Mads Mikkelsen (“Der Rausch”) in the title role and as of 2015 had three seasons with a total of 39 episodes. But audience ratings thwarted the cannibalistic psychopath’s plan: NBC closed “Hannibal” in June 2015, after averaging nearly three million viewers by season 3.

Since then, series creator Brian Fuller (“Pushing Daisies”) and the stars of the series have emphasized several times that they would love to shoot a fourth season. However, so far these plans have not proceeded out of mere desire. However, that may change now!

“Hannibal” Season 4: Coming to Netflix Soon?

In 2020, Fuller spoke in a Zoom interview with Collider and said that he had never completely given up hope of a revival and wanted to continue promoting his idea on various streaming services – even though it had six, Take seven years or even. long.

Their persistence may eventually be rewarded. The reason for this is that all three seasons of ‘Hannibal’ started on Netflix in the US in June last year and became very popular there. Even though the cannibalistic crime thriller may not be available as a Netflix stream in Germany, the success of America may speak to an impending sequel.

Brian Fuller gave another hint on Twitter. There he posted a photo of lead actors Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy (“Downtown Abbey 2”) and wrote:

#HannibalDeservesMore visit my #fannibalfamily to Rewatch – Mads and Hugh are sending their love from the UK #fannibalfamilyforever

“Hannibal” Season 4: The Talks Continue

There is currently no official confirmation from Netflix. However, this won’t be the first time that the streaming giant has rescued a promising series from the end. After all, we owe it to “Lucifer” Seasons 4, 5 and 6, as well as a sequel to Netflix’s “Arrested Development.”

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In addition, lead actor Mads Mickelson confirmed in the podcast Happy Sad Confused (via ScreenRant) that talks with Netflix have indeed been on the agenda as the series “Hannibal” found a new home on the streaming service in the USA: ” The conversation has been revived.”

When Is ‘Hannibal’ Season 4 Coming?

Since there is currently no official statement on the fourth season, we can only speculate about when the series might return. Since the talks are not over yet, we will have to wait some more.

Should Season 4 of “Hannibal” really be confirmed, we don’t expect new episodes until mid-2022 at the earliest.

We may have to be patient till the official statement comes. with us Video So you can spend time and learn more about the series: News – First impressions of the Lord of the Rings series

“Hannibal” Season 4 Summary: It Could Go On Like This

Should “Hannibal” have a fourth season, the cliffhanger of Season 3 will surely be disbanded. After Hannibal and Will fall off a cliff, we still don’t know what happens next.

The two apparently survived, as Fuller presented on the podcast in 2017 post mortem (Via his specific idea for a fourth season, about which the two main actors Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy were excited.

According to Fuller, Season 4 could usher in the next chapter in the relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter and may even address the sexual tension between the two. Plus, the character Margot Verger (Katie Isabel) will get her own elaborate story.

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“Hannibal” Season 4 Cast: These Could Be the Actors

Going by these considerations, we must certainly consider the lead actors Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy as Dr. See Hannibal Lecter and FBI Agent Will Graham. Katie Isabelle is also expected to return as Margot Wergener.

But other actors in the main cast should also find their way into the fourth season. Eventually, according to ScreenRant, actor Mikkelsen insisted, that everyone who joins “Hannibal” will want to be a part of the game again when it arrives in Season 4.

Only the future can tell us whether the famous serial killer will actually hit Netflix with new episodes. But hope dies last.

“Hannibal” is a different kind of crime series. But how well do you know your style in general?

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