Is there a new accessory planned by Apple for 2022?

According to a new rumor shared by Taiwan’s Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple a . can add gallium nitride charger In addition to its collection by the end of the year. The Informer didn’t specify an exact date, but we know that a keynote just happened, probably still at least a few weeks to wait. It is possible that the adapter is also announced via a simple press release, or quite simply it comes in stores at all discretion.

Gallium nitride, abbreviated as GaN, is a technology that is now fairly well represented among third-party manufacturers and which allows a space saving Notable in this case. For comparison, some Mac power supplies are still too large for a small backpack.

less powerful than macbook pro

According to Kuo, the power of this charger will be limited 30 watts, Apple already markets the 140-watt option, but it is reserved for the latest MacBook Pro with a diagonal of 16.2 inches, presented in late 2021. With the advantage of size: the speed is therefore much faster and allows you to have more autonomy. Efficiently compared to basic cables.

Asian researchers also show that Design may also be reviewed; We imagine that then its size will be smaller. The rest is still conjecture, but the USB-C standard should be preferred.

for multiple devices

The advantage of this connection, beyond its reversible nature, is to be compatible with most peripherals. Apart from smartphones running Android, iPads and Macs are also equipped with it. For the iPhone, they continue to offer a Lightning plug to this day, but it is rumored that it may be missing. Not for the benefit of Universal Sockets and wanted by Europe on the other hand, but only to make room for wireless charging… - official app – official app

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