iPhone: No more possible return on iOS 15.3.1

the regular escape Who will be most affected by this measure?

Shortly after a new update is released, Apple allows its iPhone users to revert to the previous version of the OS in case of problems with the new update, such as bugs or battery life. There has been a significant decrease. other people take advantage of it shield For escape Their iPhone and therefore benefit from blocked features and applications.

A few days ago, Apple rolled out iOS 15.4, which includes new features like Face ID access with masks, universal controls, new emoji, and Tap to Pay, the option that turns your iPhone into a payment terminal. An update that succeeds version 15.3.1 of iOS, providing additional protection for terminals using WebKit (the Safari engine) and Braille, which did not always respond correctly.

iOS 15.4 has been deployed to barely all iPhones that Apple is no longer signing iOS 15.3. In other words, it was taken down by Apple. So it’s impossible for those unhappy with iOS 15.4 to revert to the previous version, available since mid-February. jail breakersThey can go back to iOS 15.3.

In addition to iOS 15.3.1, Apple also stopped signing tvOS 15.3, which could also be used for escape,

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