Insider Look into Weight Loss Medications: Spotlight on Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro

Celebrities Turn to Discreet Weight Loss Treatments as Secret Weapons to Maintain Physique

Celebrities are notorious for their perfectly sculpted bodies, leaving many wondering how they manage to maintain their physiques. Recent reports suggest that a number of celebrities have been turning to discreet weight loss treatments to help them achieve their goals. Among these treatments are Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro, which are gaining popularity in the industry.

The world took notice when comedian Amy Schumer recently admitted to using Ozempic, sparking conversations around these weight loss treatments. As discussions continue to grow, it has become evident that in India, discussions about the side effects and effectiveness of these treatments remain confined to tight-knit circles.

Doctors in India have been prescribing semaglutide, which is available under various brand names such as Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro pens, to patients with a valid prescription. While Ozempic and Wegovy both contain semaglutide, with Ozempic being used off-label as a weight loss drug and Wegovy being FDA-approved for weight loss, doctors in India tend to prefer Mounjaro (tirzepatide) due to its better diabetes control and fewer side effects.

However, it is worth noting that Mounjaro is a combination drug that is being used off-label for weight loss, but it is also more expensive compared to Ozempic. Despite the availability of over-the-counter weight loss options like PhenQ and Zotrim in India, doctors do not favor these options as much as the semaglutide combinations.

Getting these weight loss drugs in India requires a valid prescription, and they can be found in larger chemists that stock imported medications. Users should be aware of common side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, and hair loss, with gastrointestinal issues being more prevalent in Ozempic and Wegovy.

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In exciting news, a new injectable drug candidate called Retratudite from Eli Lilly is currently undergoing clinical trials and showing promising results for weight loss. This drug mimics three hunger-regulating hormones and is believed to outperform Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro in terms of weight loss. Doctors have praised Retratudite for its potential to combat obesity and diabetes, as well as for its ability to improve blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels.

As celebrities continue to turn to discreet weight loss treatments, these medications are becoming increasingly popular in India. With the emergence of promising options like Retratudite, the quest for the perfect physique may soon receive a significant boost.

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