Inmate in Norfolk jail dies from bacterial meningitis

Inmate in Norfolk jail dies from bacterial meningitis

A recent case of bacterial meningitis at the Norfolk City Jail has raised concerns about the potential spread of the dangerous infection. On March 8, an inmate tested positive for bacterial meningitis at a local hospital, prompting the Norfolk Health Department to notify the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office and the jail on March 11.

The inmate had been placed in a cell block with other inmates after being booked on March 1. In response, all inmates and staff who may have had contact with the infected individual were offered antibiotics and followed quarantine protocols. Fortunately, no additional cases were confirmed in the jail, and the quarantines were eventually lifted.

A total of 33 staff members from the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office and 54 inmates at the Norfolk City Jail took antibiotics as a precaution, while 5 staff members and 5 inmates declined. Despite these measures, no inmates or staff have shown symptoms of the infection.

Bacterial meningitis is a serious illness that can lead to complications or death. However, an effective vaccine is available for Neisseria Meningitis, one of the common causes of bacterial meningitis. It is important to note that bacterial meningitis is contagious, but it is not as easily spread as a cold or flu.

In a separate incident, a student from Francis Asbury Elementary School was confirmed to have meningitis, though with a different strand from the inmate at the Norfolk City Jail. WAVY-TV 10 will continue to monitor both cases for any developments. Stay tuned for further updates on this ongoing situation.

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