Inglobe: Designing a Sustainable Future, One Project at a Time

Go beyond mere words. This commitment is at the heart of the approach adopted by Anglobe in all its activities. As a Canadian leader in the engineering and environmental sectors, we believe that taking concrete action is essential to ensuring sustainable development. In other words, we prioritize actions only for intentions. Carrying out large-scale projects respecting the expectations of the environment and communities, caring for all the people we associate with, is the spirit that drives us every day.

We believe that it is possible to make a positive impact on the world by being bold and being true to your beliefs. We are not only convinced of it, but we have been performing in this field for more than 60 years.

A global company, a local footprint.

Over the years, we have expanded our areas of expertise and scope of action. This growth reflects our passion for sustainable development. Today, with offices in Canada, France and the United Kingdom, we deploy our knowledge globally in areas such as engineering, design and inspection, environmental advice and rehabilitation as well as management and material recovery. ,

the audacity to act to make a tangible impact for both people and the environment

Concern about preserving the environment as well as being part of the logic of sustainable development are principles we apply within the framework of each project we engage in. It is no coincidence that we have developed world-renowned knowledge in soil remediation and regeneration as well as revitalization of the natural environment and recovery of materials. Also there is respect for the communities where our activities take place and the cooperation with the communities.

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“Protecting the world around us has been at the heart of our company’s philosophy since its inception. It is part of our DNA and guides each of our actions. – Alain Robichoud, Co-President of Anglobe.

It would be an illusion to think that it is possible to achieve this by going alone. This is why we emphasize the need to work closely with our partners. We believe that no large-scale project can be optimally executed without the support and high level of social acceptance from all local partners.

Throughout its many achievements, Anglobe has developed solid bonds of trust with communities. Whether, for example, as part of a major rehabilitation project for a contaminated site in Chisasbee with the Cree Nation, with residents of Val-des-Sources during the revitalization of the Jeffrey Mine, or with the Inuit community of Resolute Bay in Nunavut. with. Treatment of 21 arctic contaminated sites. These projects, like many others, represent great opportunities for encounters and discussions. Not only do we invest in hiring, training and supporting members of diverse communities, but we bring with them the knowledge and expertise to foster a lasting legacy and allow them to participate in the economic development of their region. Recognize the importance of sharing.

Focus on strong relationships and constant attention

Whether designing transportation infrastructure, revitalizing the natural environment or providing quality control services, Anglobe continues to grow by staying faithful to the values ​​on which it has built its success. Philanthropy is foremost among them. This commitment is also expressed by the belief that health and safety issues go beyond the boundaries of workplaces and must be addressed from a global perspective. With a vision of uncompromising ethics, AnGlobe spirit combines resolute optimism, initiative spirit and audacity which allows us to meet every challenge with renewed vigor always. That’s how we are agents of change!

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