Infected iPhones in the United States and Boris Johnson in Catalonia

United States of america

After uncovering a similar case previously targeting a human rights defender, cybersecurity experts at Citizen Lab announced today that Americans have recently been targeted by Pegasus. Spyware has already been shut down in recent months in a number of similar cases; is sold against several hundred thousand dollars Governments or the police to find out about anyone.

To date, the program’s publishers (NSO Group) however prohibit targeting mobiles in the United States. The company is actually based in Israel and does not want to spoil its relationship with the Biden administration. To remedy this, attackers may have gone through a third-party app, Candiru. In addition, the developers behind this quest have also mentioned the case of a strategy called “”.off center targeting“, which involves turning off relatives’ devices in the event that the initial target is inaccessible.


More than sixty cases identified in Catalonia have been added to this file. Among them, we find activists, but also students and people working in NGOs. Again at the highest level, it is the region’s president who is concerned. Here we are not only talking about carles puigdemont But also Joaquim Tora – who replaced him between 2018 and 2020 – and the current number one; Father Argonne.

prime suspect? For Citizen Lab, doubts are few: It’s most likelySpain, The country has been trying to curtail Barcelona’s independence for years, as best they can.


The icing on the cake, 10 Downing Street has also seen some of its teams’ iPhones hacked. it is the new Yorker Those who report these facts, stating that the motive of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, is part of the list. Potentially excluded data remains anonymous, but the person responsible may be hiding from United Arab Emirates,

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Finally, an analysis also revealed that foreign and Commonwealth Office It was targeted five times between July 2020 and June 2021. Here, as with India and Cyprus, it is always the United Arab Emirates. – official app

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