Increasing coronavirus cases as models in 18 US states predict more deaths

Weeks later remove orders to stay home, some US states record numbers of hospitalizations Covidien from 19 thousands more Americans getting infected every day.

As of Saturday, coronavirus cases are still increasing in at least 18 states – a few of them saw a record or close record highs.

The map below shows how coronavirus numbers of states are compared with the previous week.

Remember: Some states may see an increasing number of new cases, because they are testing more people.

Increase in hospitalizations: On Monday, Texas reported the highest number of Covid-19 hospitalizations. At least 2,326 people were hospitalized. At least 89,108 Covid-19 incidents and at least 1,983 deaths occurred in the state.

The model predicts more deaths: And one closely monitored coronavirus model He estimates that Covid-19 deaths now forecast more than 201,000 deaths in the U.S. by October 1.

Last week, the model from the University of Washington Health Metrics and Evaluation Institute predicted 170,000 deaths in the same time frame. The model is usually mentioned in the pandemic by the White House and is one of 19 models currently on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Centers.

As of today, the model is projects by October 1, in which 201,129 people will die from Covid-19 in the USA, resulting in 171,551 to 269,395 deaths.

Trump’s test claims: The model said that if they stop President Donald Trump’s coronavirus test on Monday, they will have no cases.

“If you don’t test it, you have no cases,” he said. “If we stop testing now, we’d have very few cases, if any.”

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