In the United Kingdom, “partygate” or abstinence from first imprisonment

The Garden Party held in the Gardens of Downing Street in May 2020 posed almost no health risk, assures this journalist daily Telegraph, Yet Boris Johnson himself had chosen to restrict exposure to the open air through rules that were more real than each other, which did not exist. Anthology.

Boris Johnson might not agree, but the scandal surrounding his Garden Party in Downing Street must have had at least one merit. Finally, we become aware of the illusion that this could have been the first imprisonment. [mis en place le 23 mars 2020, puis levé progressivement à partir du 10 mai],

Because the prime minister today sees himself as chopped off for doing something that wasn’t really anything dangerous. He and his team were in the open air, and the risk of contaminating themselves was minimal.

However, people are grumbling – and not without reason. It is that in this spring of 2020 the Prime Minister himself warned us against such gatherings. And here we are today, we are starting to look at the rules that were then imposed on us with a different look. Not only because of his tough character, but also because he looks very strange in retrospect.

“I repeat, a second walk”

Forget garden parties. In the park alone, we were forbidden to meet more than one person from another house. We saw a third person from among our acquaintances? Ta, ta, ta, we were ordered to ignore it, or even return to our home iliko.

Weird still, we were allowed a maximum of one hour of play per day – and only one walk. People lived in fear of being misled.

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Calling all the cars on Church Lane to say a man is leaving his house for another drive. I repeat, second walk.”

And this fear was not unfounded, as the police bordered on being overzealous and bigoted, in some cases even enforcing provisions that did not exist. In Derbyshire, law enforcement used drones to monitor locals taking their dogs out. in warrington [nord-ouest de l’Angleterre], a quidum was called by the police to order “Getting Your Car Out of Boredom”


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