In the United Kingdom, a new visa to attract “high potential” profiles

Objective: To attract trained talent abroad. Like the United States with its famous H1B visas – awarded to more than 407,000 candidates for expatriates in 2021 – or China, which is seeking to bring back its citizens trained abroad through its “Program Thousand Talents”. The United Kingdom has decided to launch a new one. Visas reserved for highly qualified professionals, explains financial Times,

In this regard, the United Kingdom is not really on its first foray as this new visa – entitled High Potential Personal Visa (HPI) – is similar to the Highly Skilled Migrant Program, which opened the country’s borders from 2002 to 2008. Qualified foreign professionals.

Quick processing of requests

The HPI visa will be accessible to candidates of any nationality who have graduated from a foreign university in the top 50 of the world rankings. This would allow its beneficiaries to come to the UK without first receiving a job offer from a company. Applicants with a bachelor’s or master’s degree will be given a residence permit valid for two years, those with a postgraduate degree can stay for three years.

The main advantage of the new visa: The procedures have been simplified and the process is much faster. Beneficiaries will also have the option to bring their partner and dependent children.

Unsurprisingly, American universities dominate the rankings which should be taken into account by the Home Office, but there are some European universities as well as many Chinese universities or the national universities of Singapore, for example.

Unlike the “Golden Visa”, funding will not be a criterion. And it will not be necessary for the job, which opens the door for entrepreneurs and also negates the need for potential employers to pay sponsorship fees. note it financial Times.

The number of visas issued will not be limited. The fact that the delivery of this new mole is promised “Very selective”, The newspapers tell. It would actually be reserved for the elite of countries that are rich enough to have world-renowned higher education establishments.

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