In the UK, volunteers will be vaccinated with coronavirus

The British government has decided to conduct an experiment that plans to “infect” some 90 volunteers to gather information about the immune system’s response. A world that first raises some moral questions.

What would be the appropriate reward for agreeing to inject with the virus that killed 2.4 million people on the planet? According to information received from it, the answer is 4,000 pounds (4,600 euros). many times, Which tells of a new experiment starting in the United Kingdom. “This is a government-funded study that will begin in the coming weeks and will initially include more than 90 healthy volunteers who are 18 years of age”, Explains London daily, which explains the operation:

These people will be exposed to coronovirus in a unit in a hospital in London, to try to learn more about how the virus spreads and the immune system’s response. They should get paid around £ 4000. “

Carefree youth who will live by two


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