In the UK, Labor lost the Liverpool parliamentary seat they had held for decades.

One of the first results of Thursday’s big election day in Britain was in Hartlepool’s constituency in north-east England, where he voted to elect a member of parliament: Conservative Party candidate Jill Mortimer won by a large margin Of. The Hartlepool elections were symbolically very important, as the city seat had been occupied by the Labor Party since 1974: Hartlep is part of the British media’s area known as the “Red Wall”, in which -East Wales and Northern England historically have been the Labor Party (color Associated with Lal) dominated the elections.

However, in the last general election of 2019, Labor lost most of its seats on the Red Wall, and Hartlepool was one of the few that the party managed to keep. Victorious Labor candidate Mike Hill resigned in March after appearing in a lawsuit over sexual harassment allegations. Labor therefore lost a seat they had won only two years earlier. The defeat is already causing many problems in the Labor Party, whose leader, Keir Starr, was appointed nearly a year ago to, among other things, rebuild the Red Wall.

The defeat in Hartlepool was very clear: Mortimer received nearly 52 percent of the vote, more than 15 thousand, against Labor candidate Paul Williams’s 28.7 percent (just under 8,600 votes).

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