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In the United Kingdom, amateur prospecting for treasure is easier to practice than in France. The country also hosts the largest treasure-hunting festival in Europe.

The banks of the Thames in London (United Kingdom) are full of small treasures. ,Here, twice a day, the tide rolls back 2,000 years of history on the banks“, assures Haley Whitson. He is a “mudlarker”, which means soil digger. Treasure hunting is in vogue in the country, which hosts the largest treasure-finding festival in Europe every year.From a small room we learn more about the Roman Empire and history. It’s not just running with detectorsLukasz Wlodarski says amateur treasure forecaster.

In France, detection for archaeological purposes is subject to authorization. In the UK, archaeologists themselves help treasure hunters authenticate their find. ,These are places we don’t see archaeologists, because there is no excavation project here“, Understand Kurt Adams, archaeologist. During the festival, the remains of swords or gold coins were discovered.

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