In some US states, cases are rising vertically. Let’s take a look at where the numbers go.

Criteria that European Union countries can use to block visitors from countries with severe coronavirus outbreaks – Including the United States An EU official says – “Visiting Europe” has been “kept open” since mid-June, when the guidelines were published.

European countries are currently working on a checklist based on health status and mutual travel arrangements in an external country, which will create a list of countries that may be considered safe to visit visitors from 1 July.

“It has absolutely nothing to do with political decisions, it is based on the current state of health in a third country,” the directives said.

When the official asked whether the enforcement order, which signed the visa for foreign workers as freezer this week by President Trump, he said, “I know that some media, for example, say that the executive decision signed by the President of the USA is part of this decision; it couldn’t be more than the situation. “

June guidelines: When asked if the USA is on the list of countries that could be banned from traveling to Europe, an EU diplomat led CNN to the first point of the June 11 checklist, which will be published by the European Commission on what to look out for when traveling to the European Union. .

The first point on the checklist asks whether the country is “comparable in terms of the number of new infections, the tendency of new infections, and the test, whether it can be considered an average in the AB + area in a better epidemiological situation”. surveillance, contact tracking, containment, treatment and reporting.

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Latest US numbers: The USA has the largest number of coronavirus deaths and infections in the world.

According to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, at least 2,346,937 countries were infected and 121,224 people died late Tuesday in the USA.

Tourism accounts for 10% of Europe’s GDP. “We are willing and member states want Europe to be open for business tourism,” he said. Said.

Ambassadors will meet again today and on Friday to discuss the next steps of the process.

Recommendations by the European Commission are not mandatory – decisions on how to open and open borders are important to individual states.

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