In Morocco, representatives of three French political parties rallied against the election of Marine Le Pen.

Representatives of three French political parties in Morocco called on French voters to block the Far South and Marine Le Pen in the 9th constituency in the second round of the presidential election.

Representatives of Emmanuel Macron’s parties La République en Marche (LREM), the outgoing president, Les Républiques (LR, Valerie Pecrese) and La France Insoumes (Jean-Luc Melonchon), joined forces in this call to block the extreme right. are gone. , 2 . Launched to French voters three days beforeAnd The deciding round between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen is scheduled for Sunday, April 24, 2022.

In a statement to Le360, Mohsin Benlahsen, coordinator of La République en Marche Poor le Maroc, said: “We have established a Republican Front in Morocco, which blocks the far right, showing that this Republican Front has a strong following. The slogan is “All unite. extreme right”.

“Excessive authority should not be passed, this is our aim and our mobilization is active around this goal”, he stressed, adding that the militants of the three political parties in Morocco are united so that the vote goes in unison. In favor of Emmanuel Macron”.

Mohcine Benlahcen assured that several meetings were held with voters of the 9th constituency in Morocco for this purpose, with the next and last meeting scheduled for Friday, 22 April in Rabat on the topic “mobilization of all, day of the vote on Sunday”. Was. 24 April, against the extreme right”.

“We join this republican front to say no to extreme ideas that do not go along with the triptych of the republic, namely liberty, equality and fraternity,” declared Moroccan Republican Representative Anas Bakreem.

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He remembered that 1. French participation rate in Morocco forer The tower was not high. According to him, only one out of two voters had voted that day. These voters “must mobilize”.

For his part, incumbent France’s representative in Morocco, Thami Lahmidi, repeated the same slogan as Jean-Luc Mélancheon launched in France as soon as the results of the first round were announced, where he came in third place. were. “Not a single voice for Marine Le Pen”, repeated his representative in Morocco.

It should be remembered that in Morocco, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a native of Tangier, took first place in the results (40% of the vote) on Emmanuel Macron (37.7% of the vote). Marine Le Pen, for his part, himself 3. posted onAnd place with only 4.5% of the vote.

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