In case you missed the solar eclipse, here are the most beautiful pictures

This Thursday, June 10, a ring of fire appeared over part of our planet’s northern hemisphere. first annular eclipse of the year and 16I XXI. ofI The century has submerged this part of the world in moonlight. Futura has selected for you the most beautiful images of this sublime celestial phenomenon.

Earth, Moon and soleil Lined up today, June 10, 2021, for a spectacular celestial spectacle. In a strip 500 kilometers wide from northeastern Canada to Siberia, passing through Greenland and the North Pole, the inhabitants of the planet’s north, looking up, could see a ring fire swim in the sky The Moon slipped behind the Sun and cast its shadow on us, leaving only a thin crescent of in the end Light, thus a . Formation of annular eclipse of the sun. First this year.

In France, the eclipse in Paris was partial at 13.12%, but could still be admired. The incident started around 11:13 am and reached its peak culmination 12:12 pm, ends at 1:15 pm, lasting a total of two hours and two minutes. Those who were unable to attend can watch the live broadcast from the Paris Observatory (available here) in other inhabited regions of the world, at higher latitudesFortunately, the Sun was covered by a maximum of 87.8%. The event is rare, and it would be necessary to wait until April 8, 2024 to see a similar one.

bottompartial eclipse of the Sun as seen from France at the same time space Station On transit. Another extraordinary image of Thierry Legault.

Above, beautiful NASA-published photos of the event.

In Toronto, residents were more fortunate than in France and were able to admire the Ring of Fire with their own eyes.

The moon’s shadow could also be seen from space as it passed over the North American continent. satellites of NOAA Were able to capture this wonderful moment.

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Below, John Cross, master photographer at Spatial Subject, gives us a quick view of the eclipse’s path across the Michigan sky.

Another photo from Michigan.

Depending on the time and place of observation, one can think of the Devil’s horns being on fire.

This photo was taken in taken binoculars Solar also allows you to see solar flares, heavier in size than Earth.

The event lived in the foreground, a very American landscape.

The light on the water and the colors is more of a painting than a picture…

How to observe a partial solar eclipse this Thursday, June 10?

article by Nathalie Meyer, published on 06/10/2021

For the first time this year, the Moon is going to eclipse the Sun. An annular eclipse that will cover 90% of us Star And what would only appear to be a simple – but wonderful – Ring of Fire. From mainland France, the eclipse will be partial. But still it can be followed.

“The Sun has an appointment with the Moon, but the Moon is not and the Sun is waiting”In 1939, Charles Trenet sang with his great spirit. There is no doubt about the occurrence of the Moon and the Sun on this Thursday, June 10, 2021. The almanacs are clear: On this day, for the first time this year, the Moon will slip between the Sun and the Earth, covering the Sun and casting a shadow on certain regions of the globe.

astronomers talk about one annular eclipse. Because on June 10, 2021, the Moon will appear far enough from Earth — just a few hours after its peak — to be visible in our sky, slightly smaller than the Sun. so even when Stars When perfectly aligned, a ring of the Sun will appear around the Moon. To see this spectacle of nature, you have to live in the northeast of Canada, the northwest of Greenland, the North Pole, or the far eastern part of Russia.

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Some already imagine that the eclipsed Sun rises over Lake Superior, which takes an unrealistic form. Tax on horseback. While over the polar region, at the centerline, the annular eclipse is expected to last for 3 minutes 51 seconds. But don’t get me wrong, drop shine, in the middle of the “midnight sun” period, will be no more significant than the day that corresponds to a cloudy day. Even though the Sun will shine only at one tenth of the total brightness. However, the sky may be dark blue and the landscape may be tinted withsilver.

Solar eclipse, beware of danger!

It will be possible to see a partial solar eclipse from northwestern North America, the North Atlantic Ocean, most of Europe and much of northern Asia. For example, the eclipse in Paris will be at its maximum this Thursday, June 10 at 12:12 p.m., but at that time, the Moon will intersect no more than 13% of the Sun. Suffice it to say that “theNow I », you will not see … nothing!

An opportunity to remember that under no circumstances – during an eclipse, even a total – should you look directly at the Sun. Even if it’s just for a few seconds or be equipped with “classic” sunglasses. eye exposure are real. because the loss retina may be irreversible. to inspect Solar Eclipse Byeye Naked, it is necessary to equip oneself with special glasses designed from a filter film. Glasses with CE marking. Also note that the effectiveness of this film may decrease over time. And that it can be damaged without realizing it. Therefore it is advisable to use only new glasses. Otherwise, a welder’s glass may be suitable. But it is not necessarily easy to adjust and handle.

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It is also possible to opt for indirect observation with an astronomical instrument. For example, by projecting an image of the Sun onto a white paper screen. Or by equipping the equipment with a suitable filter.

Tips and tricks for viewing the June 10 eclipse from France

But know that with two white cardboard sheets, a piece of aluminum foil, tape, and a paper clip, you can make your own “pinhole camera” to experience the eclipse in complete safety. Cut a square in the center of the first sheet. It has aluminum foil glued on it. A small hole drilled in the paper with a paper clip. And by placing this assembly on top of another sheet that will act as a screen, you should be able to create a risk free image of the Sun.

l’Solar Eclipse 10 June 2021 will also be broadcast live:

  • on chain youtubeof’Paris Observatory , from 11 a.m. (above);
  • On site which will transmit images of different places on the path of the eclipse;
  • on the website of Virtual Telescope Project Which will offer images of Canada in the area where the eclipse will be annular.

© Sebastian Voltmer, Youtube

To prepare, do not hesitate to consult interactive mapUploaded by IMCCE. It tells all the local conditions of the solar eclipse of 10 June.

The annular solar eclipse is from the arctic. © NASA, YouTube

Annular Solar Eclipse is live from Canada. © Data Vizuamized, Youtube

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