“In Australia, we know we are insecure and we are afraid”

Tribune. Australia clumsily, even brutally, took the task of canceling the submarine’s contract with France. Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government has behaved like an unfaithful husband who doesn’t tell his wife that he is leaving her until one day he walks through the door with his suitcase. It’s a cruel way to end a relationship, and the wife feels even more betrayed when she learns that he’s been plotting for months – and leaving her for a close friend of hers. !

However, the method of breakup does not tell the reason for the breakup.

Since the Australian government commissioned France in 2016 to build twelve diesel-powered submarines, our country’s strategic environment and military needs have changed dramatically. Two years ago, whoever suggested Australia to acquire nuclear-powered American submarines would have been taken aback.

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Australians today realize that they no longer live in the same world. Beijing has been hostile and threatening to Canberra since Australia took tough measures in 2017 to combat Chinese interference and espionage. The Chinese regime has intensified campaigns to influence political, economic and academic elites, launched massive cyberattacks and rampant infiltration into the local Chinese community.

impossible diplomacy

When in April 2020 Foreign Affairs Minister Maris Payne called for the launch of an independent international investigation into the origins of Covid-19, Chinese officials angrily responded by ordering sanctions, with a campaign of economic retaliation. Imports of wine, barley, coal, copper, beef, timber and lobster from Australia (French exporters took advantage of this).

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For more than a year, no Chinese minister has taken the Australian counterpart over the phone. Diplomacy is impossible. Insults and threatening warnings from the organs and officials of the Communist Party of China have reached such an extent that if we do not surrender, we are threatened with nuclear missiles on our heads.

Unpublished facts, China specified, in November 2020, what kind of relations it wanted to have with Australia: its embassy in Canberra sent a list of fourteen conditions to several Australian media to resume “normal relations”. Of. . These terms are at the core of Australian democracy and the sovereignty of the country. These include repealing our foreign interference laws, allowing Huawei to participate in our 5G telecommunications network, lifting restrictions on Chinese investment in critical infrastructure, limiting press freedom, and silencing lawmakers.

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