“If one country vaccinates everyone and the other does not vaccinate anyone, we will continue to be imprisoned,” microbiologist Peter Piotte warned

In his words, Peter Piott “A happy man“This Belgian microbiologist, known worldwide for her work on the Ebola, tuberculosis or AIDS epidemic, is happy because she was vaccinated. Reached by Skype for the United Kingdom during a Saturday evening television news, she said she was optimistic : “There is light at the end of the tunnel“.

And this is light vaccination, according to the doctor, who became special advisor to Ursula von der Leyen, chairman of the European Commission. “I believe that in a month or two, everyone will thank the Commission for negotiating these contracts with vaccine producers., He says. Without this contract for the European Union, for 27, I am practically sure that smaller countries, like us, will be at the end of the line for access to the vaccine.“Peter Piot recalls that, even though vaccination has been reduced due to production delays, it is the states themselves who are responsible for organizing the vaccination campaign.”It will make a unified effort in Europe, because if a country vaccinates everyone and anyone else, we will continue the lockdown”, He notes.

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But will vaccination actually be allowed to return to normal by this summer? Will we definitely be done with Coronavirus? “We should not forget that there is only one virus that has been erased, that of smallpox.“, Recalls Peter Pyot. In addition to vaccination, new behaviors have to be added: it will be necessary to live with the virus, as health officials have been telling us for months. Wear a mask when you have a cold. Example.

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If Peter Piot is relieved of the vaccine, it is also because he himself is badly killed by Kovid-19. “I was the first“, He says. He was hospitalized, on oxygen, then suffered from extreme fatigue and heart problems for 6 months.”It is not a small flu, you do not die until you are very old“, He insists. And urges the doctor to keep up the efforts till full immunization:”The last thing is that I want to get infected again.

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