If a holidaymaker is served in the “five counties” in Great Britain, can he wait for a …?


January 17, 2022 – 7:51 pm Watch

If a holidaymaker is served in the “five counties” in Great Britain, can he wait for a …?

Ivan Buljan was asked this question in the current issue of “Summit of the Quiz Giants”: If a holidaymaker is served in the “Five Counties” in Great Britain, can he look further…? Correct Answer: b) Five types of layered cheese.

This is how “Summit of the Quiz Giants” with Günther Jauch & Co. Works at RTL

For the first time ever, the most successful quiz masters guest together on a new TV show on RTL: moderator Günther Jauch, star of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and Johannes B. Kerner and “” from Guido Kantz Quiz Ditch auf 1″ appear together for the first time and play against previous quiz candidates.

Three star moderators compete against the best quiz candidates at the “Summit of the Quiz Giants” in Germany. Winner of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, “The Smartest German”, “ZDF Quiz Champion”, “I Know Everything”, “Askd – Hunted”, “Save the Million”, “Quiz Duel” and many more. , Actress Palina Rosinski will moderate the highlight of the quiz show.

The “Summit of the Quiz Giants” is played in a total of three rounds. Not only do teams have to answer knowledge questions from categories such as “sports”, “geography”, “waste knowledge” or “film and TV”, a game round also requires endurance, skill or concentration. Who can prevail and win the Grand Final? If the challengers win, they can take home the amount earned. If Quiz Masters prevails, the money goes to the jackpot for the next edition of “Summit of the Quiz Giants”.

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“Summit of the Quiz Giants” can be viewed in the RTL live stream on RTL+ in parallel with the TV broadcast.

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