Husband tempts wife’s boyfriend to die on his farm, court hears | UK News

Michael O'Leary died earlier this year. Pic: Dyfed-Powys Police

The court heard that a manufacturer persuaded his wife to kill her boyfriend and dispose of his body on a remote farm before disposing of it.

Swansea Crown Court was told that Andrew Jones, 53, had an affair with his wife Ryanon, 51, and Michael O’Leary, 55, and killed her after “carefully planning” the murder.

Prosecutors say Jones persuaded three Mr. O’Larry to sell his farm at CMMgrid in Carmarthenshire on January 2, where he killed her.

Mr. O’Leary’s family became alarmed at his failure to return home from work, and they contacted the police and received a text message saying: “I’m so sorry.”

Mr O’Leary’s car was found by Carrie Marathon’s Daffodil-Povis police following a missing person’s application.

But the jury heard that a small part of Mr. O’Leary’s body had been found.

Prosecutor William Hughes QC said: “The lawsuit alleges that the murder was carefully planned and orchestrated by Andrew Jones, as Andrew Jones took special measures to destroy or destroy evidence of the crime, especially to prevent the police investigation. Attempts.

“Michael O’Leary’s body was never recovered. On March 14, a human intestinal tissue was recovered from Andrew John’s home on Bronwood Road.

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“The remains of the rusty oil barrel are being decanted by a forensic officer and they removed an item believed to be human tissue.

“Further forensic tests, including DNA testing, found a match for Michael O’Leary. The forensic scientist who made the discovery suggested the tissue was burned.

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“This is the prosecution case in which Michael O’Leary was the last person to be found alive. The prosecution case is that Andrew Jones was attracted to another property of Michael O’Larry’s own owned Sunqued firm and he died.”

“The defendant does not admit that he killed Michael O’Leary. Defense documents in court documents suggest that Michael O’Leary was accidentally killed in the presence of Andrew John.”

The court heard that Mrs. Jones and Mr. O’Leary used the same gym at Carmarthen and had an affair between 2019 aff

She can find out her husband after reading the message between them on his wife’s tablet.

Mr Hughes said: “He confronted his wife and was told the matter was over because Mr O’Leary did not want to leave his wife.

“He said he doesn’t like the accused, yet the two of them are together.”

The teenage daughter of Andrew Jones also found out about the matter and helped Mrs. Jones keep an eye out, the defendant confronted his wife again in November.

Mrs. Jones and Mr. O’Leary had “secret” mobile phones, the jury was told, which they talked to each other.

Mr Hughes said on the morning of Mr O’Leary’s death that Jones had taken his wife’s secret phone and used it to communicate with her boyfriend.

Cell site analysis data shows the firm’s field phone, and messages were sent that instructed Mr O’Leary, the court was told.

Automatic number plate recognition also kept the car in the area at the time.

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Brandweed Road, Carmarthen, has denied killing Jones.

The trial is ongoing.

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