How to be optimistic?

Everyone experiences the current health crisis collectively, but the experience as individuals can be very different. If some do better than others, it is because they accept the situation flexibly and reap the benefits.

Show flexibility

Facing a hardship, some will feel sorry for themselves, while others are able to show resilience, which is to accept the situation by saying that it is useless to fight against a problem that cannot be solved. Can. Unlike cowardice, for these optimists, it is about changing oneself and creating hope.

When you are flexible, you do not see imprisonment or health restrictions as a failure, but as an opportunity that opens up new skills and self-knowledge. Thus, to remain optimistic is to strengthen your daily life and rationalize your fears.

Determined not to suffer

We’ve all been bombarded with injections for a year now: “stay home, wash your hands, wear masks, respect curfews, social distances …”. In the long run, if some drown in and feel as if they are going through it, others remain positive and become an actor in their lives, which they can control.

Thus we can do daily tasks based on our daily routine, learn something new, take time out for ourselves or stop activities that are currently inaccessible. Crisis is the ideal time to develop your creativity and see the world differently, keeping in mind your own goodness and the purpose of others.

Find out more: “Thriving in a Time of Crisis: 21 Positive Psychology Techniques” by Thierry Nadisik, editions of iRolize.

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