How did the Kim Dynasty wash North Koreans for generations?

How did the Kim Dynasty wash North Koreans for generations?

For three generations, the Kim dynasty of North Korea has missed the ancient origin story of the Korean people, who tells about the strange lies of the god-like abilities of the despots to legitimize their powers and worship citizens of the Kingdom of Hermit.

Kims has long claimed that they called it “Paektu Mountain blood line”. Mount Paektu is located in the north and is the highest, holiest place on the peninsula for all Koreans. Where Dangun, spiritual founder of Koreans, son of a god and bearIt is said to have been born in 2333 BC.

“It’s hard to overstate how Paektu Mountain is sacred to all Koreans,” retired US Army Special Forces colonel and North Korean expert David Maxwell told The Post. “The key to the birth of Korea. There are mountain pictures everywhere in the south. Military officers sit on the south side of the dining halls to look north on Paektu’s picture. “

Kim Jong Un, the Portuguese grandson of Kim Il Sung, who founded North Korea in 1948, usually rides a white horse on the snowy slopes of the mountain. Allegedly climbed to the 9,000-meter peak at least twice – long jacket, expensive pants and bright dress wore twice, although difficult in shoes.

North Koreans have long been told that Kim Il Sung and guerrilla forces have fought with Japanese invaders here, and that Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong Il, was born on the mountain. This is despite reliable reports that Kim Jong Il was born in the Soviet Union, where his father lived in exile.

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The stories of dazzling superpowers about the fake origin story: Kim, who has not seen everyone since May 1, driving a 3-year-old car, sailing competitively at the age of 9, making 11 holes in a single golf tour, walks when her father is 3 weeks old and this is doozy – explore the unicorn lair.

“Kims literally chooses the Mount Paektu story, standing on the shoulders of giants,” said Park Strategists political consulting firm North Korean expert Sean King The Post. “By linking themselves to the creation of the entire Korean race, they claimed that the Kim family had divine rights to rule the peninsula. And that’s the overall goal: to run the whole country. “

However, there was a potentially seismic change in some extreme propaganda.

Rocketman, Kim’s grandfather of the state media actually said,chukjibeop”-“ folding the space ”is visible to people and is the supernatural ability to get lost or travel over time.

By giving up some crazy supernatural stories in North Korea as well as North Korean experts in the West, Kim Jong Un hopes to focus on more realistic disinformation that can play better with the masses.

Analysts say it is more cunning than it seems.

“Kim Jong Un knows that despite the isolation of North Koreans, he has increasingly access to electronic devices and illegal DVDs.” 39 North, said.

“He now knows that his people will not take some of these things. It does what it has to do to keep up with time and maintain its strength. “

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