How Apple’s Podcasts Suddenly Got High Ratings on the App Store

Suddenly, despite repeated spoilers, Apple’s Podcasts app posts excellent rating on the App Store, However, it turns out that this excellence has nothing to do with the app and is misguided if it is obtained through a completely authorized medium.

like Comment Developer Costa Eleftherios, a keen observer of the App Store and its quirks, said the Podcasts app suddenly went from an average rating of 1.8 to a near perfection of 4.7/5. a climb in started Looking at the curves produced by AppFigure, a third-party app tracking service, on the Apple Store on November 5th.

For the past two months, Apple has made it possible to rate its own apps, which was previously impossible. The podcast faced the wrath of its users after its failed (re)launch.

However, this flood of nice notes posted since the beginning of the month is teeming with comments showing that users are not rating the app… but the podcast or show they are listening to. So the assessment is completely distorted, it could apply to any other podcast app broadcasting the same content.

Positive comments on podcast content, not just on the app

Apple has confirmed ledge That he had activated an invitation to rate the app – there is no published example of how the text displayed to the user changes and only Americans get priority.

A typical example of a quick scoring window

This dialog box appears in the middle of listening to a program. There’s nothing illegal about it, it’s a standard quick scoring mechanism in iOS, available to all developers.

But he’s giving here – pun intended or not – distorted opinions. Plus, it helps foster distrust of ratings and comments posted on the App Store, which we know is a real business to manipulate.

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