Holidays increased in Italy, the number of British tourists increased

Together 12.2 million flights searchedIItaly Became the second most searched tourist destination in Europe after – Spain – And the third in the world. “A fresh start that brings with it a focus on new values ​​- they say Giorgio Palmucci, president of the National Tourism Agency -, a revenge journey that marks a return to travel after one year of limitations and that continues to inspire tourists more than ever. “Of these, it is above all British tourists who lead the relaunch, with a growing interest for the beautiful country.

passengers since UK In fact, they appear at the top of the rankings of foreign tourists who have come here. Italy To spend the holiday, with a tourist expense that is around 3.8 billion euros, an increase of about 7% over the previous year. The sectors in which they invest the most are: Lazio (655.3 million euros), Lombardy (536 million euros) e Compania (514 million euros). These three sectors alone account for 45% of the total expenditure.

“His Majesty’s subjects” prefer hospitality in hotels (10 million entrants, equivalent to 73.5% of the total), but do not disdain tourist villages. This is followed by hospitality of relatives and friends, agricultural tourism and bed and breakfasts. Out of 13.7 million total British tourist attendance at accommodation establishments Italy2.6 million had privileges veneto before this Compania (1.9 million) e Lombardy (1.6 million). There Calabria In turn, it registered the highest increase in tourist flow with +44.3% as compared to the previous year.

to inspire the British to come in Italy are, first of all, cultural attractions, after beaches more likely playing games on vacation, And if they spend 36.7% of the total on cultural holidays, equivalent to 1.4 billion euros, for beach holidays they invest about 600 million euros (+3.7% compared to 2020), while sports leisure 56 in the form of million euros (+27%). ,

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