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The Christmas challenges are back for the end of 2021 in Fortnite. One of them tells you to destroy the holiday decorations!

this is Christmas In fortnite , And like every end of the year, the Winter Festival is back in battle royale with new rewards and new challenges to meet. To know more, you can consult List of Christmas Gifts 2021 on Fortnite ,

Some new challenges this year include asking you to use holiday addons with a whole lot of frosted items! one of the challenges asks you To destroy in-game holiday decorations, We show you where to find holiday decorations in Fortnite and how to destroy them.

Complete the Challenge: Destroy the Holiday Decorations in Fortnite Season 3

new challenge of December 29, 2021 For winter party In Fortnite, a game asks you to find and destroy holiday decorations. The challenge is very simple because the only difficulty lies in the fact find holiday decorations, Fortunately, they are scattered throughout the game’s map and the terrains are easy to find.

holiday decoration location

Holiday decorations are often hung on walls and buildings, so we recommend that you look at areas large enough to give yourself as much luck as possible and not move around and over. We recommend that you visit areas north of the map such as shifty shaft orSergeant Frimas Workshop and cpliers pant,

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