Hogwarts House Tournament trailer reveals new Harry Potter game show

why him Rocky Subject! It’s mine, I mean, it’s time for us to shine! We all knew that our (!) unlimited knowledge of Harry Potter would one day be the envy of all our Muggle friends! Grab your wand, your “Hogwarts: A Story” and your broom, and dive Harry Potter: Hogwarts House Tournament first glance!

View the entire Great Hall! feast your eyes Helen Mirren Dumbledoring center stage! It’s imperative that I have one of these sweaters! There will be too many exclamation points in this article! Okay, I took a moment, took a few sips of pumpkin juice, and got together. Let’s put down our parchments and quills to discuss the limited-series game show hosted by Dame Helen Mirren, which would declare the definitive wizard of all things Potter. Muggles can play the game at home, and the winner takes home the House Cup!

Here’s what Mirren had to say about it. “I knew one day I’d have harry potter Bhumika, and I am overjoyed to participate in the celebration of 20 years of the film. Movies have inspired so much fascination and wonder for many of us, and rekindling that magic will be a treat for the countless fans who continue to revel in this mesmerizing world. “

Warner Bros. Recently the following URLs have been registered: hogwartstournamentofhouse.com and hphogwartstournamentofhouse.com. Will they be used to play the game? Not only will I be able to access my amazing encyclopedic knowledge of all things Harry Potter, but I can’t wait to dominate my bewildered and impressed friends! My mom says they are just jealous.

Warner Bros. President Tom Ashem. Global Kids, Young Adults announced, “All Potter fans can prepare for such a unique celebration by embracing their inner Hermione Granger and studying their knowledge of the Wizarding World. For fans who’ve always wanted to know That’s as close for them as it could be to take the OWL exam!”

“We’re creating an arena for the League of Harry Potter film fans to develop their knowledge of the Wizarding World, and there’s none better than Dame Helen Mirren to add some British grandeur to this first event.” on our WarnerMedia brand and platform. “

“To celebrate our dedicated fans who have kept the magic of the Wizarding World alive in so many forms over the decades, these exciting specials will celebrate their Harry Potter fantasy in a cross-platform TV show.”

Harry Potter: Hogwarts House Tournament There will be a four-part competition ending with a special retrospective, celebrating the 20th anniversary of all Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It will definitely be an entertaining contest. Age limit is 14 years and above. Who will be the magician? I change my surname. Tune in to Cartoon Network’s ACME Night and TBS for a four-part competition schedule starting November 28, with a new episode starting every Sunday through December 19. After that it will be available on HBO Max. Accio, Remote Control!

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