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Title: Avian Flu Outbreak: Thousands of Birds Culled at Alabama Farms

Nearly 48,000 birds have been culled at a commercial pullet farm in Marshall County, Alabama, following the confirmation of the presence of highly pathogenic avian flu. The outbreak has prompted a quarantine at the affected farm, which is located in north Alabama.

While the virus is highly contagious among birds, it is considered to be of low risk to humans and does not pose a threat to food safety. As a precautionary measure, all poultry within a 10-kilometer radius of the affected farm are currently being tested and closely monitored.

To curb the spread of the highly pathogenic avian flu, officials are urging strict biosecurity measures, such as keeping birds enclosed and limiting contact with wild birds. These precautions are essential to prevent the virus from spreading to other poultry farms in the area.

Unfortunately, the outbreak has not been limited to just one farm. Another case of highly pathogenic avian flu was confirmed at an upland gamebird farm in Chilton County. This time, nearly 296,500 birds have been affected, emphasizing the urgency of taking appropriate measures to contain the virus.

In response to the outbreaks, federal and state officials have launched additional surveillance and testing in the affected areas. This initiative aims to promptly identify and address any potential sources of infection, curbing the flu’s spread as much as possible.

Symptoms of highly pathogenic avian flu in birds include increased deaths, respiratory issues, diarrhea, decreased energy and appetite, as well as physical swelling or discoloration. It is crucial for the commercial poultry industry and backyard flock owners to prioritize and enhance biosecurity measures. Cleaning equipment regularly, limiting visitors, and maintaining proper hygiene protocols can help mitigate the risk of further outbreaks among poultry populations.

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In the event of encountering sick or dead wild birds, citizens are urged to report sightings to the Alabama Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. Likewise, sick or dead domestic birds should be promptly reported to the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries’ Poultry Unit. Swift action in reporting helps authorities track the spread of the virus and take necessary containment steps.

While these outbreaks are undoubtedly concerning for the poultry industry, the prompt actions taken by federal and state authorities, in collaboration with farmers, can help limit the impact of the highly pathogenic avian flu. By adhering to strict biosecurity measures, maintaining a vigilant eye for potential symptoms, and swift reporting, the outbreak can be better managed, minimizing the risk to poultry populations and ensuring continued safe food production in Alabama.

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