Here we explain why May 4th is Star Wars Day

There is no bigger film in the world of cinema than this.”star wars Well, quote phrases like “I’m your father” or “may the force be with you” and the “Star Wars” movies quickly come to mind. Movies and stories created by George LucasSince the release of “Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope” in 1997, the legendary saga has attracted many fans since its debut on the big screen.

To celebrate the films and characters, several fans announced May 4 like him”star wars day ”, a date that has been celebrated in recent years and where different people from all over the world come together to organize commemorative events of the saga as well as dress up as their favorite character, a celebration that has already It has only transcended the barriers of pop culture in general.

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What is the origin of Star Wars Day?

May 4th has been chosen as the official celebration of Star Wars, and there’s no better time to celebrate this saga than with a sentence that links the date with one of the classic phrases in movie theaters: “May the force be with you “(May the Force be with you), the symbolic sentence of the Jedi and which has been said since the first film.

In English being the original language of the saga, May 4th can be read as “May 4th”, resembling “that force”, being changed to a more stylized phrase: “the fourth with you”. Maybe” (May the Fourth be with you).

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However, beyond being a pun, May 4 has its true origins as Star Wars Day, as the phrase “May the Fourth Be with You” was first used in 1979, when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. took over as George Lucas himself confirmed this.

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The event took place on the same 4 May, so Thatcher’s winning party ran a TV ad that read “May the 4th be with you, Maggie, congratulations”, or in English “May the fourth be with you Maggie.” Congratulations “. Much later, social networks reinforced the date, making May 4th of every year a major event.

Currently, “Star Wars Day” has become a de facto celebration, with millions of fans hosting all kinds of events from merchandise stores offering “Star Wars” merchandise and games to celebrating saga movies by revisiting them. Huh. Either way, there’s no better time to celebrate the saga than on May 4th, the day one can wish: “May the force be with you”.

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