Here are the female competitors for Biden’s VP slot

Here are the female competitors for Biden's VP slot

Abrams’s narrow loss in Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial race threw him to the national front. Biden once described him as a possible rival for the VP slot and called him “the woman who should have been the governor of Georgia, African-American woman.”

Abrams is also a favorite of Congressman James Clyburn, a party leader who added his name while talking about The VP elections with The Post in March.

However, the Georgian citizen cannot name everyone in the Biden Team as fans.

Abrams is marketing aggressively as a potential vice president for Biden – something Post learned was increasingly disturbing a few people orbiting the old veep.

Still, Abrams continues to show itself as a potential vice president, saying that when she is asked to serve Elle Magazine, she will arguably say yes.

“Yes. I am honored. I would be an excellent running companion. I have the capacity to attract voters by motivating communities that are often ignored. I have a strong management and management experience in private, public and non-profit sectors. I spent 25 years to study foreign policy independently. America “I am ready to help advance the agenda of” regaining its place in the world. “

Despite these qualities, Abrams has no previous national experience and is often remembered to have narrowly lost its gubernatorial offer.

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