Heavy storm rains occur on guard, the department is still alert from floods

On Sunday, 20 December, heavy rains occurred on the part of the Guard and Herreault. A disturbance made up of some moving storm cells. The guard department is on yellow alert for flooding until Monday.

On this Sunday, December 20, the department received some good rains. As it was promised to rain over the weekend, forecasters found it to be concentrated in places with the right to rain.

Rain moves east

A rain-storm system moving east. In the morning, part of Herreault, especially in the Saint-Martin-de-Laundres region, experienced significant rainfall, which is now more concentrated in the guards.

10:45 pm – The rain-storm line slowly moves towards the guard. This supersedes the significant accumulation of rain in Saint Martin-de-Londres (34).

Photo: For Sophie Maureen @MeteoLanguedoc pic.twitter.com/G8h2jeCsIN

– LongDoc Weather (@MeteoLanguedoc) 20 December 2020

“They are particularly prominent between Lunel and Vauvert but also between Names and Ales”, Météo specifies the Garde-Hérault website.

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Cèze in flood to the north of the guard

Yellow vigil by monday

The vigilance unit of Mayto France has put the guard department on yellow alert for floods since Friday, December 18 as the rainfall is concentrated according to rain areas. The vigil was extended till 6 am on Monday, 21 December.

According to the forecast of France on Monday, this part of the weather must be cloudy before the sun returns on Tuesday.

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