Heavy electoral setback for Boris Johnson in local elections

Midterm air hole or the real beginning of the end for the conservative leader? If the count does not end, Boris Johnson’s camp is in the process of a serious electoral defeat, particularly in London, in local elections. In the capital, the Labor opposition thus won the local councils of Westminster, controlled by the Tories since its creation in 1964, with Barnett as well as Wandsworth, the “preferred council” of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

From his constituency in west London, Boris Johnson himself spoke of “mixed” results. He acknowledged a “tough night” on Thursday for the Tories in some areas, but claimed progress in others. Still, according to partial results, the Conservatives lose 11 councils and more than 170 seats compared to 2018 while Labor wins seven councils and more than 110 additional elected officials.

Electoral response from “Partygate”

Enough of “a turning point” for Labor leader Keir Starmer. “We sent a message to the Prime Minister, Britain deserves better,” he said, before tweeting, “Now that change begins.” However, Labour’s progress is low outside London, where the Liberal Democrats and Greens are making progress.

Although traditionally marked by very local issues and low turnout, these elections first anticipated the effects of the holiday scandal during his imprisonment in Downing Street, a case that cost Boris Johnson a fine. The popularity of Boris Johnson, 57, soon collapsed after “Partygate” in Downing Street. He has weathered the storm so far, highlights his key role in Western support for Ukraine, and says he is determined to remain in power and lead the battle for the next legislative election in 2024.

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In power for 12 years, the Conservatives have also been criticized for insufficient support for inflation-stricken households, which according to the central bank should reach more than 10% this year. Labor, the main opposition party, hopes to take advantage of its weaknesses. But Keir Starmer, who has repeatedly called for Boris Johnson to resign, is in turn targeted by a police investigation, before a partial legislative enactment of health rules for sharing beer and curry with his team at the end of April 2021. suspected of breaking.

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