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In the United Kingdom, a figure in the fight against the coronavirus is at the center of a scandal. The Health Minister resigned on Saturday 26 June. In the question, a photograph in which we see her hugging, in defiance of hindering gestures, one of her mentors with whom she had an affair.

It’s a sun cover that’s flowing through the British minister of health: Matt Hancock kissing a colleague. The tabloids unveiled CCTV pictures inside his office on Friday. He is married and the father of three children, but it is not the infidelity that degrades him, but the breaking of social distancing norms. The hug dates back to 6 May, when Britons were banned from physical contact with people outside their home country.

In his speeches, the minister was not compromising with regard to the sanitation measures. The dispute was won in less than 48 hours. He posted a video where he speaks. “I appreciate the great sacrifices made by everyone in this country and the rule makers should respect them. so i had to leaveHe breathes, looking the opposite. He was one of the most famous political leaders of the country. One case that comes at the worst possible moment: that of a third wave caused by the delta version of Covid-19.

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