Health minister calls on Moroccans to get vaccinated, H24info

In a statement to the press, Mr. et Taleb underscored the sharp increase in cases of contamination, particularly severe or severe cases admitted to intensive care units, noting that people admitted to these units are over the age of 50. those who were believed to have already benefited from vaccination.

More than 50 patients admitted to intensive care units are also vulnerable people who present several concomitant factors, including a large proportion of diabetics, Mr. Ait Taleb said.

“Unfortunately, these people have not been vaccinated for a number of reasons, including the choice of vaccine type,” the minister said, explaining that all vaccines provide the same result, that is, against severe forms of the disease. immunity against.

Other citizens have not been vaccinated as they were reluctant to have the operation and were waiting to see the results of mass vaccination, the minister said, adding that vaccination is a chance of protection that many citizens have. Unfortunately missed.

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“Not all countries are in the same position as the state: His Majesty King Mohammed VI has given an extraordinary boost so that the Moroccans have the opportunity to be vaccinated,” he called on citizens and citizens to seize this huge opportunity.

In addition to the protection that vaccination will provide for the individual and his or her crew, it will allow them to benefit from the vaccination passport, for greater freedom and mobility, Mr. et Taleb emphasized.

Those who have not yet received the benefit of vaccination should rush to the centers nearest to their place of residence for vaccination, he said, emphasizing that these centers would be activated on Thursday and Friday so that the population could benefit from the vaccination drive .

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