Health: Ants are “trained” to detect cancer

French researchers have succeeded in teaching ants to detect cancer using their sense of smell.

95% success rate

French researchers from CNRS, Inserm, the Sorbonne Paris-Nord University and the Curie Institute have taught ants to detect cancer through smell. ants Containers with diseased cells placed next to other containers with trained healthy cells are able to drive themselves by smell.
According to scientists, their research results show a success rate of 95%, report During the experiment, the researchers placed a drop of sugar water next to the samples. cancer cells, Very quickly, the ant assimilated the food thanks to the characteristic odor of the diseased cells.

still in experimental stage

one hundred ants Three cancer cell lines were trained to detect: ovarian cancer cells and two types of breast cancer cells. “There’s no reason to think it wouldn’t work for other types of cancer cells,” One of the researchers commented. So far, the effectiveness of “Sniffer” Ants Mainly tested in the laboratory.

Of course, dogs manage to find out Breast Cancer From the smell of sweat, but there are more benefits to working with ants. Ants learn faster than dogs and cost less to breed. For comparison, it only takes ten minutes to train an ant, compared to six months to a year to train a dog.

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