Harry asks MI6 for advice on finding a therapist

Tina Brown will release a book on life in the British royal family very soon. She reports on the revelations of Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Cressida Bones.

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A book by Tina Brown will be released in the UK on 26 April. The author makes revelations about the royal family. daily mail Already shared some pages of the book. We exclusively learn of some revelations about the relationship between Prince Harry and his ex-girlfriend Cressida Bones, which ended in 2014. The young woman tells that Prince Harry was good and exhausted.

Cressida Bones admits Prince Harry was very moody, writes Tina Brown: ” When he wasn’t pouring it on William, he was reacting sharply to Charles “. She says that the son and father communicated mainly through their personal offices.

If the relationship between Cressida Bones and Prince Harry took off, it is especially because of media pressure on their relationship. Cressida Bones expected more gestures from her partner in public, but the latter always continued to walk in front, without holding hands. Tina Brown says that even Prince Harry used to slip occasionally in the theater to avoid the press. The ex-girlfriend reportedly told Tina Brown that the evenings with her boyfriend were boring: ” Their evening reality included eating takeaways and watching Netflix at Nottingham Cottage, Harry’s bachelor pad ยป We can read.

need for discretion

In the end, Cressida Bones inspired Prince Harry to start working with a physician. Prince Harry, still concerned about what the press was going to say about him, called on MI6’s advice to find the right person: ” We needed someone who was incredibly low-key and understood what it was like to have a public version of your life and a private version of your life. “, Tina Brown reports in her book.

The relationship between Prince Harry and Cressida did not end in pain, yet according to Tina Brown, the latter may have texted his ex-girlfriend and declared to her: ” I admire you, I wish you the best and above all thank you for helping me face my demons and ask for help ,

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