Hairy deer found in America – photo

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A deer, whose effigies are covered with hair, has been caught in an American city. This very rare pathology is known as corneal dermoid.

Residents of Farragut, Tennessee, USA were surprised to encounter a white-tailed deer around their city in August 2020. The surprise was even more so when they saw that it had hair. Growing up on its eyes, the National Fear Association reports. Recent publication.

The townspeople tried to catch him when they saw that he was bleeding and the hair completely covered his pupils, which probably prevented him from seeing well.

A very rare deformity

He alerted the police and animal control service. Finally captured, white-tailed deer were diagnosed with epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD), a frequently fatal infectious virus disease that causes massive internal bleeding.

As for his eyeball, this phenomenon is known as corneal dermoid, an extremely rare corneal tumor, congenital and benign. In other words, it is a developmental issue where corneal tissue is not forming as it should, the association explains. It has been documented only once, in 2007, in a doe.

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