Great Britain’s spooky dog ​​sparks fear and panic and becomes an internet meme in the process


October 01, 2021 – 10:08 am Watch

“I’ve never been so afraid of dogs”

Writer Stephen King could not have imagined this dog better in one of his horror novels. Many Twitter users say that he looks like the Joker from the movie “It”. Others refer to the creepy four-legged dude as a “demon”, “ghost”, or even “zombie”. In any case, Twitter user “rob n roll” caused quite a stir with his photo.

I don’t know how the dog got up there

“I’ve never been so afraid of a dog,” wrote “Dagalobob” from Great Britain, which he posted on Twitter on Saturday. It shows a neighbor’s dog behind a fence with a creepy look Shown. How he got there – completely unclear!

As the British “Mirror” writes, the white four-legged dude with pitch-black eyes quite intimidated a Twitter user. It is not known exactly where the picture was taken.

The post has now been linked over 200,000 times and retweeted almost 23,000 times. Many made fun of it and posted an edited version and compared it with famous characters from horror movies. The clown dog, sometimes with “S”, is depicted in the picture, sometimes with “Sweeney Todd”, the demonic barber from Fleet Street. Others believe that they recognize the “Joker”.

One Twitter user comments: “I laughed, but seriously, I’m really scared.” Another joked: “If you look into those dogs’ eyes, you run away very quickly.”

Wherever the dog is, hopefully the neighborhood will be able to sleep peacefully. (Peacock)

interesting too

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