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Status: 15.09.2021 at 6:05 PM.

Great Britain has received the Democracy Award from the State Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein. British Ambassador Jill Gallard accepted the award in the afternoon at a ceremony in the Plenary Hall of the State Building.

Kirsten Eichhoff-Weber (SPD), deputy speaker of the state parliament, said for the first time the entire country would be honored with the Democracy Prize. The award is an expression of profound thanks on behalf of the state of Schleswig-Holstein for the fact that the people have been able to live in self-determination, democracy and freedom for 75 years – and for the trust given to them, according to Eichhoff. -Weber.

British Ambassador Gallard: “Be a close partner and friend”

In August 1946, the British military government laid the foundation stone for the establishment of Schleswig-Holstein. British Ambassador Jill Gallard said, “In the 75 years since the company was founded, we have become close partners and friends. Today we work more closely than ever before.” Human beings are connected to each other through many contacts. “Great Britain is proud of its role in the founding of this state. Schleswig-Holstein has grown into a vibrant democracy.”

Prize money for a climate protection project

According to the British ambassador, 3,000 euros of prize money associated with the Democracy Prize will go to a climate protection project by two young Schleswig-Holsteiners: Nick Aaron Willem and Asadullah Hkmal want to publish their climate novel “Green Tiger” as an audio . Bring audiences closer to making the book bigger the urgency of the climate crisis.

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Additional Information

A federal state celebrates its 75th birthday: a look at the relationship between Schleswig-Holstein and Great Britain. more

Citizens for the 75th birthday of Schleswig-Holstein stand before visitors in the grounds of Gottorf Castle.  © NDR Photo: Janice Rohligo

Gottorf Castle’s Town Festival was attended by thousands of people, as well as many guests. You can read about the day on the blog. There are also videos, images and backgrounds. more

At the citizens' celebration for the 75th birthday of Schleswig-Holstein, invited guests sit in a large tent on the grounds of Gottorf Castle.  © NDR Photo: Janice Rohligo

The northernmost federal state celebrated the 75th anniversary of its existence at Gottorf Castle – with ceremonial speeches and many visitors. more

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